The database is a guide to the films produced on rural Europe since the end of the 19th century. It identifies the films and contains information on who was producing the film, the content and how the film was financed. It provides context information and guides researchers to other institutions, archival funds or databases, where more information about the identified work (film) can be viewed or obtained. It also indicates whether the original film material is still available, where it is kept and, if it has been digitised, where it can be consulted. A selection of the digitised films can be viewed via the ERHF Online Portal. Access to the Database can be gained through one of the members of the ERHFA.

Repartition of entries by contributing institutions

Total: 4’145 films

ERHF-database TO ebucore Crosswalk


  1. ERHF-Element: Title 
    Description: “Main” name given to a ressource. Existing title or title provided by the contributing institution (metadata provider). If the film/oeuvre is bi- or multilingual, the titles shall be given in all languages, connected by [=]. Example: Landwirt = Agriculteur = Farmer
    X-PATH: /ebucore:ebuCoreMain/ebucore:coreMetadata/ebucore:title/dc:title (typeLabel=”Main Title”)
  2. ERHF-Element: Video link
    Description: URL that points to a published (vimeo, youtube, etc.) version of the film/oeuvre
    X-PATH: /ebucore:ebuCoreMain/ebucore:coreMetadata/ebucore:relation/ebucore:relationLink
  3. ERHF-Element: Reference number
    Description: Identifier for the film/oeuvre provided by the contributing institution (metadata provider)
    X-PATH: /ebucore:ebuCoreMain/ebucore:coreMetadata/ebucore:identifier/dc:identifier
  4. ERHF-Element: Contributing Institution
    Description: Metadata provider, mandatory field
    X-PATH: /ebucore:ebuCoreMain/ebucore:metadataProvider/ebucore:organisationDetails/ebucore:organisationName
  5. ERHF-Element: Alternative title
    Description: Name other than the “main” title given to a film/oeuvre or version of it, typically a title under which this film is also known.
    X-PATH: /ebucore:ebuCoreMain/ebucore:coreMetadata/ebucore:alternativeTitle/dc:title (typeLabel=”Other title”)
  6. ERHF-Element: Subtitle
    Description: Additional subordinate title given to a film/oeuvre.
    X-PATH: /ebucore:ebuCoreMain/ebucore:coreMetadata/ebucore:title/dc:title (typeLabel=”Subtitle”)
  7. ERHF-Element: Main title translated
    Description: English translation of the main title, provided by the contributing institution.
    X-PATH:  /ebucore:ebuCoreMain/ebucore:coreMetadata/ebucore:title/dc:title (typeLabel=”Main Title”, xml:lang=”en”)
  8. ERHF-Element: Year of publication
    Description: Date of publication of the film/oeuvre. YYYY, empty if not known
    X-PATH: /ebucore:ebuCoreMain/ebucore:coreMetadata/ebucore:date/dc:date (typeLabel=”Year of Publication”)
  9. ERHF-Element: Period of publication
    Description: If exact year of publication is not known. Examples: 1964 ca., 1967/1968, 1960s, 1940 after, 1950 before
    X-PATH: /ebucore:ebuCoreMain/ebucore:coreMetadata/ebucore:date/dc:date (typeLabel=”Period of publication”)
  10. ERHF-Element: Duration
    Description: Number (minutes), duration of a version of the film/oeuvre 
    X-PATH: /ebucore:ebuCoreMain/ebucore:coreMetadata/ebucore:duration/ebucore:durationType; 
  1. ERHF-Element: Sponsor or orderer
    Description: Company/ies, institution/s or person/s which commissioned the film; sponsor/s of the film, if more than one entry, separate by [;]
    X-PATH: /ebucore:ebuCoreMain/ebucore:coreMetadata/ebucore:contributor/ebucore:organisationDetails/ebucore:organisationName /ebucore:ebuCoreMain/ebucore:coreMetadata/ebucore:contributor/ebucore:role/@typeLabel (typeLabel=”Orderer”) / (typeLabel=”Sponsor”);
  2. ERHF-Element: Production companies
    Description: The company/ies that produced the film (generally speaking: not single persons), if more than one entry, separate by [;]
    X-PATH: /ebucore:ebuCoreMain/ebucore:coreMetadata/ebucore:contributor/ebucore:organisationDetails/ebucore:organisationName, /ebucore:ebuCoreMain/ebucore:coreMetadata/ebucore:contributor/ebucore:role/@typeLabel (typeLabel=”Producer”)

Context, content and sources

  1. ERHF-Element: Crossreferences
    Description: Relations with other oeuvres/films in the ERHF-database
    X-PATH: /ebucore:ebuCoreMain/ebucore:coreMetadata/ebucore:relation/ebucore:relationIdentifier
  2. ERHF-Element: Contents
    Description: Short description; if a more comprehensive content description is available refer to it in the field „Archival sources“
    X-PATH: /ebucore:ebuCoreMain/ebucore:coreMetadata/ebucore:description/dc:description (typeLabel=”About the film”)
  3. ERHF-Element: Literature
    Description: Specific literature about the film/oeuvre to be listed
    X-PATH: /ebucore:ebuCoreMain/ebucore:coreMetadata/ebucore:description/dc:description (typeLabel=”Literature about the film”)
  4. ERHF-Element: Archival sources
    Description: Written sources (archival fund where the film comes from; Institution, catalogue etc.)
    X-PATH: /ebucore:ebuCoreMain/ebucore:coreMetadata/ebucore:relation/ebucore:relationIdentifier (typeLabel=”Archival sources”); /ebucore:ebuCoreMain/ebucore:coreMetadata/ebucore:relation/dc:description (typeLabel=”Archival sources”)
  5. ERHF-Element: Online Version Ready
    Description: Provides information about publication of ERHF-Metadata. Yes = Film will be published on the online platform, No = Film will not be published on the online platform
    X-PATH: –
  6. ERHF-Element: Access to copies
    Description: Physical, digital oder online manifestations of the resource. Physical: institution where the original film (version of it) is stored. Digital/online: institution where it can be consulted online + permanent link. Moreover, it is possible to add a comment to each entry (e.g. archival signatures).
    X-PATH: /ebucore:ebuCoreMain/ebucore:coreMetadata/ebucore:part/ebucore:format/ebucore:locator
  7. ERHF-Element: Languages
    Description: Language/s in which versions of the film are produced, to be chosen from list
    X-PATH: /ebucore:ebuCoreMain/ebucore:coreMetadata/ebucore:part/ebucore:format/ebucore:medium/@typeLanguage
  8. ERHF-Element: Geographical focus
    Description: The geographic focus of the film/oeuvre to be chosen from list or entered as coordinates.
    X-PATH: /ebucore:ebuCoreMain/ebucore:coreMetadata/ebucore:description/dc:description (typeLabel=”Geographical focus”)
  9. ERHF-Element: Countries of production
    Description: Country/ies where the film/oeuvre was produced, to be chosen from list
    X-PATH: /ebucore:ebuCoreMain/ebucore:coreMetadata/ebucore:description/dc:description (typeLabel=”Countries of production”)
  10. ERHF-Element: Contributors
    Description: Person or organisation that has made substantial creative contributions to the content of the film/oeuvre. Persons who played an identifiable role in the film and its production (director, actor, composer, scriptwriter etc.).
    X-PATH: /ebucore:ebuCoreMain/ebucore:coreMetadata/ebucore:creator/ebucore:contactDetails/ebucore:givenName; /ebucore:ebuCoreMain; /ebucore:coreMetadata/ebucore:creator/ebucore:contactDetails/ebucore:familyName; /ebucore:ebuCoreMain/ebucore:coreMetadata/ebucore:creator/ebucore:role/@typeLabel
  11. ERHF-Element: Film category
    Description, keyword categories: Commissioned film, Non-feature/documentary film (Authors film), Feature film, Other
    X-PATH: /ebucore:ebuCoreMain/ebucore:coreMetadata/ebucore:subject/dc:subject (typeLabel=”Film category”)
  12. ERHF-Element: Performances
    Description, categories: Exhibitions, Meetings of organisations and institutions, Educational and research institutions, Cinema, Television, Film festivals
    X-PATH: /ebucore:ebuCoreMain/ebucore:coreMetadata/ebucore:subject/dc:subject (typeLabel=”Performances”)
  13. ERHF-Element: Keywords
    Description, keyword categories: Economic branch (agriculture, manufacturing / industry, retail trade, services, domestic economy); Institutions (church, school / education, extension services, science, government policy, law and legislation; Geography (sparsely populated areas, villages, small cities, peri-urban, mountains, seaside), Recreation (eating and drinking /meals, festivity /popular culture, sports, associations, tourism, travel); Agricultural re-production (animal husbandry, dairy farming, horticulture, arable farming, forestry, crop farming, viticulture, pomiculture, agricultural processing, fertilizers, pesticides, machinery, electrification, irrigation, melioration, veterinary medicine)
    X-PATH: /ebucore:ebuCoreMain/ebucore:coreMetadata/ebucore:subject/dc:subject