The aim of the database is to identify film material concerning rural subjects, to provide context information and to guide the researcher to other institutions, archival funds or databases, where more information about each identified work (film) itself can be viewed or obtained. The database does not register copies or versions of a work since this is the task of specialised film archives where the physical copies are actually preserved.

The database acts as a guide to the films produced in European countries since the end of the 19th century. It provides, among other data, information, on who was producing the film, the content and how the film was financed. The database also indicates whether the original film material is still available and where it is kept. Furthermore, the database informs the visitor whether the film material has been digitised and where it can be consulted.

Access to the Database can be gained through one of the members of the ERHFA who use the Database as a common working tool. A selection of the entries can be viewed via the ERHF Online Portal.

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